Best Point of Sale Software for Your Restaurant

Best Point of Sale Software for Your Restaurant

  1. Cash register express

Cash register express is a computerized cash register that is seen to be quite cost effective and is known for lowering your inventory costs. Moreover, it is secure and avoids any kind of theft while managing to make more money. Car register express is also simple to use so you can easily manage your store. With this software you can simply track your sales and generate membership accounts along with many other features.

  1. Loyverse POS

With loyverse POS software, you can control your sales through a Smartphone or a tablet. Through it you can also engage with the customers and administer the inventory. You can simply send e-receipts to your customers through the software and receive feedback on your customer service.

  1. Oracle Hospitality POS

Oracle hospitality POS software is a great POS system that can be used by restaurants of any size or type. A restaurant could be small with a single branch, or a huge one with several other operating branches and yet they could employ oracle hospitality POS. The POS software will show you what the restaurant needs, and its other features include fast service, and a lot more which is great for restaurants.

  1. Flipdish

Flipdish provides a mobile ordering platform for restaurants and franchises. It is best known for its customer support as it is fast handling customer queries and answering to their concerns. It also helps keeping the business active on social media websites. Its biggest advantage is that it takes down customer orders without making any error which saves on a lot of staff time.

  1. Aldelo for restaurants

Aldelo is multi –lingual POS systems best used by restaurants. It is simple to use with affordable pricing and it takes in quick orders with minimal crashes. The software allows you to customize your menus and it has its customer and tech support available 24/7.

  1. Clover

Clover POS system is a secure software that can be employed by restaurants. It can be easily accessible from any device regardless of where you are. It is best used for smaller restaurants and it has a great connection with the customers and the staff. Clover POS software also has a tipping features which is usually not available in other POS software’s. Clover can be accessible from the desktop as well as from any mobile.

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