5 Best Retail Point of Sale Systems Of 2018

5 Best Retail Point of Sale Systems Of 2018

Sometimes running your business is quite the juggling act with deliveries, inventory, customers, staff, sales and more. Using an old cash register was time consuming and frustrating. Now, one can have a complete view of their business with Point of sales system.

As an entrepreneur, you want to see your business successful. For this, you hire people to run it efficiently and employees to help it lead towards success. It would be to your benefit as well to aware what tools you can use for your venture that can help to streamline processes, and make each working day even more productive. One such business tool is a point of sales software.

Following are some top retail POS systems that are helping thousands of retailers to streamline customer’s transactions and maximize revenue.

Lightspeed Retail

Founded in 2005, it is a cloud based POS system that have continuously revamped and evolved their system to suit retail client needs. With their founding practices of retail POS, they serve as necessary platform for many types of businesses. Lightspeed POS system easily pulls up inventory and creates a nice easy workflow for transactions. Apart from these benefits, it is compatible with mobile and web devices.

NetSuite Software
Netsuite is cloud based software that brings every step together of a multi-channel multi-located retail business. It offers real time visibility into real time operation. You can access from anywhere at any time. With this single integrated solution, you don’t have to worry about managing the entire retail business.

Epos Now

For small to mid-size businesses, Epos Now software works well due to its intuitive interface and ability to work seamlessly with touchscreen. This kind of software offers an easy to use interface. It is much easier than any of their competitors.

Revel systems

Revel systems POS is an award-winning iPad POS solution for all businesses from single located shop to multi-located enterprise. It works well for both stores and restaurants. Integrated payroll, inventory tracking, and customer relationship management are some of its features. With its user friendly, highly organized, and simplified interface revel systems POS is designed for businesses to turn high volume sales in short period of time.

QuickBooks POS

This retail POS system does more than bringing customers and run credit cards. It keeps track of your inventory so you can sell exactly what your customers want. From handling mobile payments to merchandise planning, this software has all the features that any business can rely on.


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